Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

Museum Collection

Currently the collection of the Museum comprises over 100 thousand museum artifacts. A major portion of it was created during the first post-war decade. These holdings have been significantly augmented by relics from the war that have come from the family archives, private collections and archeological research.


The Museums collection of hand-written partisan journals and self-made guerilla weapons are of particular importance and are internationally recognized for their cultural/historical value. These hand-written partisan journals are an original encyclopedia of life, detailing in personal terms the impact of the war and creativity of the Belarusian guerilla fighters in 1941-1944. Likewise the hand-made weapons in the Museums collection reflect the native talent and ingenuity of the Partisans gunsmiths.



The Museums awards and medals collection has been developed from the Museums inception. The Museums holdings include individual prizes from the pre-war period, state awards from the Great Patriotic War period, which are part of the Soviet Reward System, unique, self-made partisan medals, medals from the Soviet Unions allies and trophy medals from Nazi Germany and Japan. The pre-war symbols and pins are unique, as well as the pins of the defense societies and unions, and the pins of the militarys high achiever.






The Museum has over 30 thousand newspapers, leaflets and brochures published at the fronts, in the occupied territory of Belarus by members of the underground, on the Soviet home front chronicle the Great Patriotic Wars progression. In addition, this collection includes German printed matters issued by the occupation authorities in 1941-1944.





A constituent element of the Museums holdings is the large collections of battle banners from various military units and the self-made flags of the partisan formations. Also part of this collection are items of civilian and military household equipment.









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